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Marketing Analysis


Data Analysis

  • Identifying variables

  • Running proper testing for significance 

  • Recommendations based on findings


PowerPoint Presentation

  • Running analysis on different types of tests

  • Differentiating the tests and giving analysis based on a managerial perspective

  • Creating a simplistic sample of findings


Data Interpretation

  • Reading a linear regression model

  • Multi-linear regression analysis

  • Insights on data shown

Professional Selling


Professional Selling Overview

  • Learning the sales process

  • ​Overcame different types of objections

  • Negotiation tactics 

  • Identified buyer's needs

  • Closing the sale


Secure Dog Role Play

The video below is my Secure Dog roleplay. The main objective was to sell the buyer the Pitbull "Razor"




  • Calculating bonds

  • Learned how to calculate mortgage rates

  • Understanding and calculating time vales and money

  • Finding intrinsic values of stock prices

  • Working with teams to complete assignments in class

Supply Chain and Operation Management


Supply Chain

  • Interpreting bottlenecks in the supply chain

  • Identifying critical paths

  • Understanding of slack time while crashing projects

  • Conducting simulations to free up supply chain 

  • Calculating queue time and time it will take to finish

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